Ashlee Jean .Co

Welcome reader!! (at this rate this will be my entire first blog :?)

I feel as if i should give you a brief insight into my mind, as I am hoping that you share similar Interests, Goals, Problems or  your just generally a RAD person!!

Fitness and Health are 2 things that I am super passionate about, healthy body = healthy mind. I love the stress relief from going for a good workout or run, I am currently loving crossfit! every day/week/month is never the same and lets face it who doesn’t love a good challenge.

I love to cook :D!

I still take Ballet classes, I have always enjoyed dancing it provides escape and the ability to express yourself through movement and music at the same time.

I own a small business 😀 if you feel the need to check it out

Last and not least Fashion is a massive part of my life it affects almost everything I do, from the stock I order for my store, what I wear, how I do my hair, what music I listen to even what I eat.

Now reader I feel as if by this point you have a ruff idea of who I am, but we have plenty of time to keep getting to know each other :D!



PS- Feel free to follow me on Instagram ASHLEE_JEAN (I am slightly addicted)



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