Am I Enough?

I’ve never really been the girl to attract male “suitors”  though out my entire life i can actually count on 1 hand….. if it was chopped in half how many times I have been asked out on a “date” …..I think i just dry heaved a little…..I hate the word “date” it makes me feel like what ever “this is” is more than it actually is and it also gives people the right to pass opinion on what they think “this is”.

I mean what “is this” really?, OK yea we have slept together a few times…..after 1am, Theres no way I could have been your first pic? really? and the second time was like connivance, OHHH geeezzeee 3 times! Don’t start to like him, you’ll only be disappointed when you see him in 5 years time with a girl that’s way more attractive than you! No that’t it im deleting his number!!!  OHHH Gawd! I’m knocking on your door @ 2am…..oh geeze I’ve had way too much too drink “CAN WE JUST CUDDLE…..No wait I am going to be sick, I need to go home!” maybe that was a “I’m taking you home….”  That’s it there is no coming back from that… allll, Trustttt me!!

Any way I digress The minuet a guy pays attention to me i feel the need to impress him, I want to feel accepted, this says a lot about how much self worth I have.

I often feel if I was ever interested in a male he wouldn’t be interested in me I always feel like I am batting above my weight like i have to prove to him how great I am, I don’t consider myself to be anything special at all, how ever I am fantastic fun maybe slightly left of center, when i don’t think your comparing me to the other 100000 beautiful girls that are better looking than me in the room, So i get a bit of “FIG” anxiety, now don’t mistake this for being shy around guys, 2 of my best friends are guys and I quite often hang around them more than my female friends, I just have no interest in Dating them, so maybe that’s why its so easy.

I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself, If you don’t like me that’s OK! Your not going to like me any more if my makeup is perfect or my hair isn’t how YOU like it. I am Different, I am Interdependent, I own a business, I Crossfit, I eat healthy, I prefer dogs  but most importantly I am ENOUGH!!!


Dating Guru (hahahahaha)


Lets Talk about mental health because it is just as important as physical health!

There are many times in our lives where emotions can get the better of us for one reason or another, sometimes for the most strangest of reasons. I am lucky enough to have a solid group of friends who are so supportive and always around for what I might think to be the silliest of things but none the less they are an amazing bunch of people, That always know when to ask “R U OK?”

About 14 months ago I lost my Mum really suddenly, I remember the day like it was yesterday I spoke to her in the morning on my way to work, I went to see her when i knocked off I found her unconscious (she had suffered a rare kind of stroke) Just like that my entire life changed after a stressful weekend spent in an intensive care unit 7 hrs away from home I just didn’t know how to cope with my feelings, I built a wall around myself I didn’t want anyone to know how sad I was or how much stress i was under, little did I know I was heading towards a massive break.

A few days later I went out for coffee with my best friend, He asked how I was coping so well, He knew at this point I was going to have too step up and run 2 family businesses and become a mother figure to my younger brother….Truth was I wasn’t coping at all I was stressed on edge and I just wanted to disappear (the constant questions and people wanting to hug me was becoming over whelming), later I would find out all of my friends were concerned as none of them had seen me “break down” as such, I was just flat, mono-toned and distant to keep my emotions at bay.

We all find our own ways to deal with grief my way of coping was controlling everything I ate it was the only part of my life I could control with out fail, everything was weighed measured and accounted for, along with an intensive workout routine that ruled my life, I would weigh and measure myself every week just to keep the feeling of control where I could, I began to become a recluse avoiding socializing, or any situation where i might have to talk or even think about the fact I might be sad or not actually dealing with Mum passing away.

I know have a much healthier attitude towards food and my body! Check out my blog “My Battle with my body”

It wasn’t until recently I actually stated to talk more about how I was feeling, or actually just letting myself even feel something and feeling OK about it. Only now that I have finally got a grip on socializing again not being afraid that people will look at me sympathetically and ask how I’m going with everything and having to lie to them and say “fine” I actually tell them there are good days and bad days,  I allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them, there are days that are the hard some times you want some good quality Mum advice.

My friends seem to always know exactly when to ask “R U OK?”, It may be on the anniversary of her passing away, her Birthday, My Birthday, When work is getting the better of me or I’m going through a tricky life situation.  They will listen to me, spend time with me, laugh with me and even cry with me.

Never be afraid to ask if a loved one is OK! it doesn’t even need to be a loved one, If you ever think someone is not OK, even having a quick chat with them can make their day!


Preperation is key!

I am forever being asked how I manage to eat so healthy during the week considering I run a small business, attend daily crossfit sessions, run and teach group fitness classes? well its pretty much down to preparation! Once a week I Bulk roast and steam vegetables, Make a few slow cooker meals and normally prepare some Buckwheat or Quinoa, then each morning its a case of measure and pop into containers for the day…..but lets face it no one wants to look daggy carrying around a Bag of miss match containers that I cant count how many times have tipped up side down in my carry bag and leaked all over me before I have even started my day!!

Enter the Fit Essentials Meal Management Bag!!

Fist of all, Fashion is a major part of my life, This bag most certainly reflects that! It has a SECURE compartment that fits up to 6 of the meal storage containers that come with the bag (they all have insulated lids so your food will stay super fresh!) as well as 2 small ice packs or 1 large, I’m not a shake girl but I am 100% positive that would fit in to one of the secure sections and not leak all over your precious i pad (this has happened to me on countless occasions) , there’s also a handy zip pocket in the front of the compartment perfect for Nuts or other snacks you might carry around. In the main compartment there are 2 Zipped compartments for any valuables you may have and a mobile phone compartment.

So be gone the days of walking around with plastic containers clunking, lids popping of and leaking over valuables and generally just looking daggy.

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Stay tuned for some handy meal prep ideas over the next week 🙂 Ill share some of my favorite nourishing recipes and yummy snacks 😀

Stay Fit People!