What being “The Single Girl” has taught me.

In today’s day and age I am forever noticing the lack of “boyfriend” in my life, to be honest I have never had a boyfriend and this has taught me so many things about myself, and also about how others feel about there permanently single friends.

  1. “your standards are too high” Now lets get one thing straight I don’t believe in love at first sight or any of that mumbojumbo but I’m not about to let someone penetrate me just because, I need to have some form of attraction to them otherwise you might as well sleep with everyone on the block, This also has nothing to do with looks, but for example i could think a guy is totally hot, then he pulls out a cigarette I instantly find that a major turn off. I guess what I’m getting at is just because I am single doesn’t mean i have to act like a desperate love rat!
  2. “this guy must be pulling the piss” I actually think that 90% of the time a guy might actually be hitting on me they are probably joking, I think this says more about how I personally perceive myself over how others see me, Or maybe its that is I see my love life as a joke #singlegirlproblems #whoneedaboyfriend
  3.  “You must love doing what you want all the time” lets go with yes 85% of the time its nice to go home and cook what I want for dinner, poor myself into bed at 3am and not have to explain where I have been and who I’ve been with, but on the opposite side its had to get home at the end of the day and not have any one to tell how good or bad your day was, no one to come to your crossfit comp and cheer you on while your married team mates have there partners there snapping awesome work out photos or your loved up friends are dealing with there own issues to really listen to yours.
  4. “I don’t know why they are asking me?” As the token single girl in many of my social circles I always have a chuckle when my friends come to me for relationship advice, and all I can do is give them advice about how they might be feeling and why, But a lot of the time i have no idea what to suggest! So I will most of the time just lend them an ear and provide some looking from the out side in advice.
  5. Maybe they find all your male friends intimidating” and so they should! But in all imperiousness, I could not date someone who wouldn’t allow me to hang with my guy buddies! major major major deal breaker!

I wouldn’t change anything in my life! Being single has lead me to so many great things, I have traveled to Japan solo, Europe and The States with 2 of my best friends, I have studied and run a small business, maybe one day someone will come along who compliments my lifestyle but until someone does I am quite content in life….85% of the time.


Am I Enough?

I’ve never really been the girl to attract male “suitors”  though out my entire life i can actually count on 1 hand….. if it was chopped in half how many times I have been asked out on a “date” …..I think i just dry heaved a little…..I hate the word “date” it makes me feel like what ever “this is” is more than it actually is and it also gives people the right to pass opinion on what they think “this is”.

I mean what “is this” really?, OK yea we have slept together a few times…..after 1am, Theres no way I could have been your first pic? really? and the second time was like connivance, OHHH geeezzeee 3 times! Don’t start to like him, you’ll only be disappointed when you see him in 5 years time with a girl that’s way more attractive than you! No that’t it im deleting his number!!!  OHHH Gawd! I’m knocking on your door @ 2am…..oh geeze I’ve had way too much too drink “CAN WE JUST CUDDLE…..No wait I am going to be sick, I need to go home!” maybe that was a “I’m taking you home….”  That’s it there is no coming back from that…..at allll, Trustttt me!!

Any way I digress The minuet a guy pays attention to me i feel the need to impress him, I want to feel accepted, this says a lot about how much self worth I have.

I often feel if I was ever interested in a male he wouldn’t be interested in me I always feel like I am batting above my weight like i have to prove to him how great I am, I don’t consider myself to be anything special at all, how ever I am fantastic fun maybe slightly left of center, when i don’t think your comparing me to the other 100000 beautiful girls that are better looking than me in the room, So i get a bit of “FIG” anxiety, now don’t mistake this for being shy around guys, 2 of my best friends are guys and I quite often hang around them more than my female friends, I just have no interest in Dating them, so maybe that’s why its so easy.

I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself, If you don’t like me that’s OK! Your not going to like me any more if my makeup is perfect or my hair isn’t how YOU like it. I am Different, I am Interdependent, I own a business, I Crossfit, I eat healthy, I prefer dogs  but most importantly I am ENOUGH!!!


Dating Guru (hahahahaha)